“Charme é otimo , mas no mundo real, conhecimento é poder”

(Gossip Girl)


” Every day just seems the same

And I´m the only one to blame

I tried to play like I´m fine

That your love has washed away

It falls and runs down the drain”

(Kesha- Feels Like Rain)

“If you want to fight  I´ll stand right  beside you

The day that fall, I´ll be right behind you”

(McFly- The Heart Never Lies)

Dedico para minha companheira de brigas L.M.

“All this time you´ve been telling me lies

Hidden in bags that are under your eyes

And I when I asked you I knew I was right”

(McFly- Too Close for confort)

“Out of our minds and out of time wishin I could be with you, and to share the view , We could´ve fallen in love”

(McFly- Falling In Love)

“Aposto um beijo que você me quer”

“The world be lonely place wthout the on that puts a smile on your face” (McFly- I´ve Got You)

Em homenagem a minha querida amiga G.

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