Let´s Dance

“Let’s dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let’s dance
To the song they’re playin’ on the radio”

Let’s Dance- David Bowie


” With each scar there´s a map that tells a story

What a souvenir of young love´s  like jumping out

An airplane riding a tidal wave on an ocean of emotion

My heart rips me wide open” ♫

(Self Infeicted- Katy Perry)

” .. Have you ever been so lost?

Know the way and still so lost?..” ♫

(Katy Perry – Lost)

” É você o motivo de tanta procura ,eu encontrei a outra parte que faltava em mim e só assim vi que nunca esqueci você “

“Se fechar os olhos tente se lembrar como estava aquele dia”

“One thing I can tell you is

You got to be free”

(The Beatles- Come Together)

” Every day just seems the same

And I´m the only one to blame

I tried to play like I´m fine

That your love has washed away

It falls and runs down the drain”

(Kesha- Feels Like Rain)

“If you want to fight  I´ll stand right  beside you

The day that fall, I´ll be right behind you”

(McFly- The Heart Never Lies)

Dedico para minha companheira de brigas L.M.

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