” Love was such an easy game to play “

Yestarday – The Beatles


” Yesterday
All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they´re here to stay
Oh, I belive
In Yesterday “

Yesterday – The Beatles

“mas afinal o que é rock´n roll? Os oculos do John ou olhar do Paul? ” ♫

“And anytime you feel the pain ,

Hey Jude, refrain

Don´t carry the word

Upon your shoulders”

(The Beatles – Hey Jude )

“Ringo : I´m Ringo and I play the drums

Paul: Eh, oh , I´m Pasul and I play the , oh, eh, bass

George: I´m George and I play the guitar

John: I´m Jonh and too play guitar. Somentimes , I play the fool”

(Beatles Greetings)